Naming, identity and art direction for Figure, a start-up specialising in highly detailed 12'' collectable action figures.


The Whole Store
Concept and design for The Whole Store, a wellness cafe and wholesale brand. Identity characteristics include an unbroken ring that picks up on the 'whole' motif and a modified 'O' illustrating a wink. These ideas talk to The Whole Store's value proposition of healthy food making you feel whole.


Art direction and photography for T2Tea's chocolate campaign. Food styling with John Thompson.


Heirs & Graces
Art direction and photography for Heirs & Graces, a kombucha brand targeted at high-end restaurants.


Publication Design
Various T2Tea publications I designed and photographed.


Snakes & Snipers
Snakes and Snipers is a unique sunscreen label created specifically for tattoo protection. The brief asked for a premium brand that stood out on the shelf. The distinguishing brand idea's included an upturned ampersand that resembles a 'snake' and a bold black to blue cross fade. In collaboration with Luke Brown.


Bbq Bloke
The Bbq Bloke identity reflects the new management's emphasis on craft and authenticity. Collateral included everything from print to digital.


Middle St Food & Coffee
A simple identity designed for a small cafe that wished to bring the modern coffee culture to the outer suburbs.


Subject - The Elephant's Child
Storyboarding, videography and editing for The Elephant's Child; a conversation with Professor Roger Short who talks of his life and work, including 40+ years of pioneering Elephant research. We learn what initially inspired him to take up a life of scientific discovery, as well as some dire warnings and potential breakthroughs on the future of elephants. 


Brand mark and website for Subject Films. I am the co-creator of Subject Films, a series of short interviews that tell narratives of scientific journey and discovery. Prof. Roger Short is our first subject having devoted his life to the study of human reproduction and veterinary science.


NYC Summer
A self-initiated project that captured a summer in NYC. - Videography, Editing


Art Direction & Photography
Art direction and photography with Magenta Burgin, food styling from John Thompson and art direction assistance from Ryan Frazer.


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